10th English Grammar ( Do as directed )

1. I had just stepped out of the bathtub and was busily rubbing myself with a towel when I heard the steps .

(Pick out the verbs from the sentence and state the tense of each.)

Ans: had stepped : past perfect tense,was rubbing : past continuous

(progressive) tense, heard : simple past tense

2. I could see the faint shine of plates on the plate-rail; I couldn’t see the table.

(Rewrite using’although’.)

Ans: Although I could see the faint shine of plates on the plate-rail, I

couldn’t see the table.

3. There’s something downstairs.

(Add a question tag.)

Ans: There’s something downstairs,isn’t there?

4. I slammed shut the door at the stairs top and held my knee against it .

(Rewrite using the ‘-ing’ from of the word ‘slammed)

Ans: Slamming shut the door at the stairs top, I held my knee against it .

5. She flung up a window of her bedroom.

(Pick out the preposition).

Ans: of

6. I’ll stay with mother.She’s all excited.

(Combine using a subordinato OR Combine into a complex sentence.)

Ans: I’ll stay with mother because she’s all excited.

7. We’ll sell the house and go back to Peoria.

(Rewrite using ‘after’. OR Rewrite as a complex sentence.)

Ans: After we sell the house, we’ll go back to Peoria.

8. A heavy policeman bounded up the steps.

(Frame a’Wh-‘type question to get ‘A heavy policeman’  as answer.)

Ans: Who bounded up the steps?

9. Doors were yanked open.

(Change the voice.)

Ans: They yanked open the doors.

10. It would never sleep anywhere except on the zither.

(Rewrite as an affirmative sentence.)

Ans: It would sleep only on the zither.

11. The lady seems hysterical.(Add a question tag.)

Ans: The lady seems hysterical,doesn’t she?

12.   Grandfather grabbed Zither’s gun from its holster and let fly.

(Rewrite using the ‘-ing’ form of the word ‘grabbed’)

Ans: Grabbing Zither’s gun from its holster, grandfather let fly.

13.   I had put on one of mother’s blouses, not being able to find anything else.

(Rewrite using ‘since’.)

Ans: I had put on one of mother’s blouses, since I had not been able to

find anything else.

14.   Over his third cup of coffee, he glared at Herman .

(Rewrite beginning with ‘While’.)

Ans: While he was having his third  cup of coffee, he glared at Herman.

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