Last minute preparation for SSC Exam!

The SSC board exam is exactly one month from today. That means students have less than 30 days for preparation. These remaining days are very crucial for them. How to utilize the time, what should be done, what should not be done, what are important points to be considered. What are parents and teachers supposed to do? These are few things which are important.

Keeping these in mind Ednexa and Department of Education Pune Municipal Corporation(PMC) have organized a seminar tomorrow for students, parents and teachers.

The Speakers for the seminars are: Dr. A.L. Deshmukh, (President Medal winner for best teacher, Retd. teacher from Apte School).

And Shri Shirish Apte, (Physics Teacher and one of best counselors in Pune).

Following are the details :


Venue: Ganesh Kala Krida, Swargate

Time: 11 am to 1:30pm

Audience: 10th students, parents and teachers.


This seminar is open for all. There is no entry fee for the seminar.

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Three Dimensional Co-ordinate Geometry – SSC Maths Preparation

Mission SSC 2014 – Top 12 tips

  1. Create a timetable and focus on studying and start practicing on weak areas.
  2. Prepare a list of all important formulae and concepts for quick revision understand the usage of the formulae.
  3. Focus on textbook books for studying as majority of exam revolves around text books.
  4. With theorems and concepts remember to understand the applications thoroughly.
  5. Complete all textbook questions and solved examples. Do not skip any topic, complete the syllabus thoroughly.
  6. Practice a few questions from previous chapters as you study a new chapter. This will make sure you stay in touch with the concepts.
  7. Practice answering previous year papers and sample papers within the time limits of the official exam.
  8. Feel free to think out your answers on rough paper. It helps in understanding the question quicker and you can use a column in your answer sheet for rough work during exams.
  9. Pay attention to details, a single misplaced decimal sign or – or + can lead to an incorrect answer in questions you otherwise know.
  10. Always write out questions even if you know them mentally, writing helps improve your answering style.
  11. Identify your weak areas, where you are unable to answer and where you answer incorrectly
  12. Speed is the key to success! Increase your speed in answering so you are able to complete the exam and have some time for revision during the exam.
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Life’s Internal Secrets Notes – 10th Science

Blue-black patch appear on a bruised skin.
When there is bruising, the delicate capillaries present in the skin are ruptured. The blood is clotted internally and forms the bluish-black patch. It is the protective arrangement done by the body so that there is no internal bleeding or blood loss.
When there is a cut on your finger, does it keep on bleeding?  Why?
As soon as there is a cut on the finger, it starts bleeding. But after some time (about 2-3 minutes) the bleeding stops. This is because at the site of bleeding clotting reactions take place. The blood cells known as blood platelets help in plugging the leak in the capillary due to which bleeding stops.
We should eat fruits and leafy vegetables.
Fruits and leafy vegetables are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. They help us to keep fit. Leafy vegetables contain minerals such as iron which is essential for forming hemoglobin.
Plants also need minerals.
Plants also need minerals for their healthy growth.
From where do plants get the inorganic material other than carbon dioxide and oxygen?
Plants absorb inorganic materials from the soil. Manure and fertilizers that are added to the soil help the plants to get such essential materials.
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Quick revision for French – 10th SSC Exam

Quick revision for French – 10th SSC Exam

Important tips – 10th SSC French

Letter writing techniques – 10th SSC exam – French

Letter writing techniques – 10th SSC exam – French

Understanding Metals and Non – Metals Notes – SSC 2014 Preparation

10th Important Notes – History and Political Science – Democracy

Democracy :
The term democracy refers to the rule of people either by themselves (Direct Democracy) or through their elected representatives (Indirect Democracy). Democracy is a way of life that respects the freedom of citizens, protects to the minorities and grants fundamental rights to the people. It is operated by means of tree and fair elections, conducted by an autonomous Election Commission, periodically. It is put into operation by political parties who put up candidates. Every eligible citizen, under the principle of universal adult franchise has right to vote. The government is voted in and voted out at periodical elections. Since it is not feasible to practise direct democracy, it is indirect or representative in modern states.
Parliamentary Democracy :
This form of democracy originated in England; wherein the King / Queen is the titular head and the powers are exercised by the Council of Ministers, headed by the Prime Minister. The leader of the majority party / alliance in the elected house is appointed as the Prime Minister. The Council of Ministers is collectively responsible to the legislature and can be removed by passing a vote of no-confidence. India, too, has adopted parliamentary system.
Presidential democracy :
This system originated in the USA and is based on the principle of separation of powers. The President is the head of the state as well as the government. He is directly elected by the citizens for a specific period. There is no provision for his removal by passing a vote of no-confidence. However, he can be impeached for the violation of the Constitution by the American Congress. France has semi-Presidential system.
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How to study Magnetism For 10th Preparation?

Explain, in brief, How Magnetism is used in Medical Sciences.

An electric current, even if it is very weak, produces a magnetic field. An ion current travelling along the nerve cells in our body produces a magnetic field. This current is very weak; hence, the magnetic field produced is also weak. When we touch an object, the nerves in our body carry an electrical impulse to the muscles to be used. This impulse produces a very weak magnetic field for a short duration. This field is only about 10-9 times the earth’s magnetic field.

Of various body organs, a comparatively significant magnetic field is produced in heart and brain. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a technique used to obtain the images of different parts of the body (including the heart and brain), using the production of magnetic field in the body. Analysis of these images is useful in medical diagnosis.

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