Notes on Life’s Internal Secrets for SSC 2015!

Notes on Life’s Internal Secrets for SSC 2015!

The Regulators of Life – SSC 2014 Preparation

What is coordination? How does coordination exist in different systems of a living body?

Coordination: Coordination is the orderly execution of the various activities.

In case of multicellular organisms there are many tissues, organs and systems which work in coordination with each other. The meticulous activities of life would not be possible without such coordination.

For example, during feeding in case of man, the morsel of food is seen, observed, smelt and then picked up by hand. Then it is put in the mouth.

In the mouth the teeth masticate the food and turn it into smaller particles. The tongue tastes the food and assists in the process of mixing the food with saliva and gulping.

The saliva secreted by the salivary glands start the digestive process. The digestive process takes place with the help of enzymes. The enzymes are secreted by various digestive glands associated with the alimentary canal.

As result, the complex food is converted into glucose, fatty acids and amino acids, which are absorbed in the blood and carried to each and every cell through the circulatory system.

The undigested food is excreted through the anus. The harmful substances that are formed during the various metabolisms are filtered out by the kidneys and are thrown out of the body in the form of urine.

The constant supply of energy needed to run all these activities is provided by burning glucose, fatty acids, etc. in the presence of oxygen.

The respiratory system continuously supplies this oxygen for the production of energy. In this way, all the systems in the body work in coordination with each other.

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Changed pattern of SSC English Paper

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) chairman Gangadhar Mhamane said, The English language paper in the SSC board exam will have more objective type questions from next year.

The board decided to change the papers format, and make it easier to improve the pass percentage in the subject. Most students score poorly in English and Mathematics. The English language theory paper in SSC carries 80 marks. There is also a 20-mark oral examination, which schools conduct.

The changes in the paper pattern have been made as per the State Curriculum Framework of 2012.The framework was formed to bring the syllabus of the state board on par with other boards. Accordingly, it was decided to add objective-type questions in the English language paper and the paper format has been uploaded on the Boards website for the reference of students.

Earlier, the English paper emphasized more on description, but activity-based questions such as fill in the blanks, identify correct answers, match correct options, will be given preference from the next exam. The state board has already changed the text books for English language from this academic year and the paper too will be set accordingly.

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