Mission SSC 2014 – Top 12 tips

  1. Create a timetable and focus on studying and start practicing on weak areas.
  2. Prepare a list of all important formulae and concepts for quick revision understand the usage of the formulae.
  3. Focus on textbook books for studying as majority of exam revolves around text books.
  4. With theorems and concepts remember to understand the applications thoroughly.
  5. Complete all textbook questions and solved examples. Do not skip any topic, complete the syllabus thoroughly.
  6. Practice a few questions from previous chapters as you study a new chapter. This will make sure you stay in touch with the concepts.
  7. Practice answering previous year papers and sample papers within the time limits of the official exam.
  8. Feel free to think out your answers on rough paper. It helps in understanding the question quicker and you can use a column in your answer sheet for rough work during exams.
  9. Pay attention to details, a single misplaced decimal sign or – or + can lead to an incorrect answer in questions you otherwise know.
  10. Always write out questions even if you know them mentally, writing helps improve your answering style.
  11. Identify your weak areas, where you are unable to answer and where you answer incorrectly
  12. Speed is the key to success! Increase your speed in answering so you are able to complete the exam and have some time for revision during the exam.
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Team Ednexa

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