Life’s Internal Secrets Notes – 10th Science

Blue-black patch appear on a bruised skin.
When there is bruising, the delicate capillaries present in the skin are ruptured. The blood is clotted internally and forms the bluish-black patch. It is the protective arrangement done by the body so that there is no internal bleeding or blood loss.
When there is a cut on your finger, does it keep on bleeding?  Why?
As soon as there is a cut on the finger, it starts bleeding. But after some time (about 2-3 minutes) the bleeding stops. This is because at the site of bleeding clotting reactions take place. The blood cells known as blood platelets help in plugging the leak in the capillary due to which bleeding stops.
We should eat fruits and leafy vegetables.
Fruits and leafy vegetables are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. They help us to keep fit. Leafy vegetables contain minerals such as iron which is essential for forming hemoglobin.
Plants also need minerals.
Plants also need minerals for their healthy growth.
From where do plants get the inorganic material other than carbon dioxide and oxygen?
Plants absorb inorganic materials from the soil. Manure and fertilizers that are added to the soil help the plants to get such essential materials.
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