How to study Magnetism For 10th Preparation?

Explain, in brief, How Magnetism is used in Medical Sciences.

An electric current, even if it is very weak, produces a magnetic field. An ion current travelling along the nerve cells in our body produces a magnetic field. This current is very weak; hence, the magnetic field produced is also weak. When we touch an object, the nerves in our body carry an electrical impulse to the muscles to be used. This impulse produces a very weak magnetic field for a short duration. This field is only about 10-9 times the earth’s magnetic field.

Of various body organs, a comparatively significant magnetic field is produced in heart and brain. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a technique used to obtain the images of different parts of the body (including the heart and brain), using the production of magnetic field in the body. Analysis of these images is useful in medical diagnosis.

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