How to prepare for 10th Board exams??

The exam that will determine which college you attend and the career path you choose…you must focus on ways to ease the stress and attempt to formulate a strategy to crack the exams. Here are some tips helpful tips and tricks:

Read textbook

The textbook contains certain understanding-based questions after every concept dealt with in the book. Basically, the book has been structured in a way that ensures step-by-step learning and assessment of the sub-topics rather than focusing on overall understanding of the topic.
Try to solve these questions on your own and get your answers checked by an expert. Identify the questions that you have got wrong and revise the relevant concept before you attempt them again.

Science preparation

Create a complete list of derivations, formulae and experiments and keep the list handy. Make some important notes and highlight them in the note book and even summarize the pages in the margins.
Schedule your time table in such a manner that the same chapter will be re-revised in a time frame of 10 to 15 days Do not miss classes and laboratory lectures so as to perform each and every experiment in the laboratory.


Some formulas are very general, but in some cases, questions are asked from the middle of such numerical, and you would be asked to identify it. Make a sheet of important concepts/formulas.
Make sure you know these formulas and most importantly, their usage.

Question bank

A question bank indexed topic-wise or concept-wise can help serve your purpose. Go to a good bookshop and browse through the question banks available. Choose a book that presents the questions concept-wise. Consider the listed question as a mini test on the concept and take it. Get your answers checked by an expert. Look for the concepts you are weak at and work on them.
For a problem based question, Read the problem to get an idea of what you’re being asked to do.

Write down what you are given and what you need to find. Work with the things given in a systematic way and try to find what is asked.

Once you are thorough with your revision, start solving the practice papers, unsolved papers and sample papers

By this time you should have already finished screening the syllabus, and might have gone through each chapter. However, if you still have any doubts in your mind or a little confusion then there is do not fret.We are here to fix it.

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– Team Ednexa

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