Free Seminars on HOTS

Hello students,

We are glad to announce 2 free guidance seminars on HOTS for students in Dombivli and Aurangabad cities! We are organizing these seminars in association with Maharashtra Times, and hope these will surely benefit students who are preparing hard for the SSC exam.

We had conducted similar seminars in Pune, Mumbai and Nashik areas earlier. They recieved a huge response from students and parents. Studentd got to learn many important things about HOTS questions in Science and Maths. Hence, we decided to conduct 2 more seminars.

Following are the details :

Topic: HOTS Preparation

  • Seminar 1: Dombivli
  • Schedule : Sunday, 12th Feb, 11 am
  • Venue : Savitribai Phule Auditorium, MIDC, Dombivli (E)

  • Seminar 2: Aurangabad
  • Schedule : Sunday, 12th Feb, 10 am
  • Venue : MGM Hall, Rukmani Hall, CIDCO, Aurangabad

If you are a student in any of these cities, do attend the seminar without fail. Experienced teachers from Pune and Mumbai will guide students and parents regarding concept and nature of HOTS questions, methods to solve them and preparation for them.

For more information, do call on our support numbers 9011041155 / 9011031155.

Happy eLearning!

– Team MissionSSC.

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