Live Webinar for 10th students on Science.

Here is one more webinar for you. There has been constant demand from students to conduct a webinar on topic Carbon Compounds from Science. Hence, we will have this topic for today’s webinar. Following are the details :

Final exam is round the corner. Hence you need maximum practice and guidance at this time. We are sure you will find this webinar helpful. Also inform your friends to attend this webinar, as this facility is free for now. Please note that the recording of this webinar will be available only to our paid students.

Note: Our webinar software now also supports Google Chrome browser! Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox 3.0+ or Internet Explorer Browser 6.0+ for better compatibility. Google Chrome is the most suitable browser due to its user-friendliness and freedom from versions. To understand the important instructions and software/hardware requirements about the webinar, Click Here.

For any queries, feel free to call us on our support number 9011041155 / 9011031155 or mail us at .

Happy eLearning!

– Team MissionSSC.

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