Free Seminar-Dealing with HOTS

SSC Board exam is 3 months away and we are sure you are preparing hard for the exam. The syllabus and marking scheme of Science and Maths subjects have changed, which have added to the anxiety of students and parents. Questions pertaining to Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) form an important part of new marking scheme and evaluation pattern. Exact nature and scope of these types of questions is still not clear to the students. Hence they are actively seeking any guidance regarding this matter.

Understanding this need for providing accurate and useful guidance on HOTS questions, we have organized a Free Guidance Seminar this week for students and parents. President medal awardee and noted teacher of Science, Dr. A. L. Deshmukh, and expert teacher of Maths, Prof. Sanjay Ranade will guide regarding pattern of HOTS questions and effective preparation for them. Sample questions and methods to solve them will also be shown. We request you to attend this free seminar with your ward and get benefitted from it.

Seminar Details –

  • Topic : Dealing with HOTS
  • Schedule : Saturday, 3rd December . 10 am
  • Venue : Shivaji Mandir, near Plaza Cinema, Dadar (W)
  • Contact : 9011041155 / 9011031155

Happy eLearning!

– Team MissionSSC

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