Live Webinar Science Dealing with HOTS for 10th std.

We are glad to organize one more webinar tonight, on very important topic, “Understanding HOTS”. HOTS, as you know by now, means Higher Order Thinking Skills. This is a very important and sensitive topic for the SSC exam. Hence, we have invited Dr. Sulbha Vidhate, co-ordinator of the State SSC Board for Science. Noted academician and president medal awardee Dr. A. L. Deshmukh will also guide students on this topic during the webinar. Following are the details :

  • Topic : Dealing with HOTS
  • Schedule : Tonight, 21st Nov, 9 pm
  • Speakers : Dr. Sulbha Vidhate, co-ordinator, SSC Board
  •                 Dr. A. L. Deshmukh, noted teacher
  • Webinar link :

We don’t need to tell you the importance of attending this webinar! Its a must for all 10th std. students. Also tell all your friends to attend, as this is a free-for-all webinar.

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