Excellent response to Ednexa!

Thank you for attending our seminars in huge numbers. Due to large requests from students we are glad to organize more and more other free seminar for you on the different topics that will help you in your studies.

We are very happy to announce results of our students who have excelled in MHTCET examinations in the year 2010-2011 and 10th std also. As you might be aware of 11th std science syllabus is changed and to help students,we have conducted seminars also ,on this topic called “Changed syllabus of 11th std” . Hence, to familiars students with this important transition, renowned professors, who are on the board of Ednexa guided students and parents regarding adapting to new framework and new syllabus, how to prepare for Common CET to be held in 2013. So, We are providing opportunity for those who missed out our seminars or who want to see it once again and for all who are interested to know about it . They can see those seminars on YOUTUBE, for that Click here,

For any help, call us on our support numbers 9011041155 / 9011031155 or mail us at info@ednexa.com .

Happy Learning!

– Team Ednexa.

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